Survival Fishing Techniques : How To Catch Fish Without Any Tools In Survival Situation

Fishing has been the Primary hunting option for human being since he started searching for foods. Fishes offer high nutrition value to keep a person healthy. But now a days , If any individual goes for finding a fish to catch, how will he approach them? ....What did you just said? With a rod and reel?
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Well , You were absolutely right. For any urban grown person Fishing rods and nets are only way to catch a fish for personal use. But, here we are talking about a survival situation and You even don't have a fishing line or hook to make you a primitive fishing rod. So what you will do now? You will definitely burn down in anger seeing fishes swimming in front of you! Just kidding. You will not do anything like that because in this article I am going to talk to you about fishing techniques where you don't need a rod and reel or even a line or hook. 

Most effective ways to catch a fish without a rod or net

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1.Bamboo Fishing spear 

 You must have seen Bear Grylls catching a fish with a spear with multiple pointed ends. but this method is not bound to a single person. You can also catch fishes with a bamboo spike. For making a fishing spike, bamboo is ideal because you can make many pointed ends to it and increase your chance to catch a fish in the streams. Use your knife to create a spike like this. for catching a fish with spike, quick action and patience is the key.
a bamboo fishing spear gives you more chances to catch a fish
Bamboo fishing spear

2. Fishing trap using plastic bottle

This fishing technique is quite popular among villagers living near a river plain or delta. If you can find few bottles around yourself you can create fish traps using threads and your multi-tool . feed your traps with baits like meat and worms and wait for the fishes to come.
plastic bottles can be used to make easy and effective fish traps for survival situation.
Fish trap bottle

3. Deep Hole fishing trap

In some countries like Vietnam and Cambodia , local fishermen dig a hole just beside the river and direct fishes towards the pit by providing cover with leaves and branches. You can also follow same technique and can bag up to a dozen fishes overnight.make sure their is shadow and cover for fishes as they like to hide under the vegetation and get into your trap in the procedure. see this image for reference .
fishing in Combodia using deep holes in rivers
A presentation of deep hole fishing traps

   These are few basic traps and primitive fishing techniques that will help you fight hunger in the wilderness . I will be updating this post with more ways to catch a fish. But Your feedback are the crucial things that will boost me making more such articles. Do comment what more you want to see in this blog about primitive survival skills. Feel free to check my other articles in the feed. and follow this blog for regular updates and new posts. Thank You. Happy Fishing

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