Survival Fishing Kit : How to use and What to include in it

Survival Fishing Kit

When we look in our survival bag pack , we try to make it light and comfortable. But Fishing is a process that includes rods and reels and stuffs that can alter our speed in the wilderness. on the other hand Fishes are life saving food that can help us make it out of the wilderness alive.So, How we can have fish when we don't have fishing rod and reels in our list of survival tools?

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Survival Fishing Kit Contents 

As I said We need our kit to be easily feasible and light, while keeping it able for actually catching a fish in emergency situation. So, what are the contents on a fishing rod which actually catch a fish?
what are the basic components of a survival fishing kit?
Essentials of a Survival fishing kit

Fishing Line 

You can't actually catch a fish without a line, Right! 
   No, You can. But, If you are looking for a fishing kit, A line is a must have component. It is like a thread that holds your hook and lure in water. for a survival situation you can take few meters of light fishing line that are tested for up to 2-3 kilograms.

Fishing hooks and Fishing lures

It is the second most item to be included in your fishing kit for an emergency situation. hooks are the J shaped metal items that a fish must bite if it is to be caught.when a hook is reinforced by a attractive add on like rubber worm or small rubber fish, it is called a lure. You must take at least half a dozen lures or hooks in you survival fishing kit.
top fishing lures to help catch you a fish
Fishing Lures
In my personal opinion above two are the only most important items of a survival fishing kit. else every items like fishing rod, fishing reel , bait , sinkers , floats , bobbers are add on that you either can make out of wood or you don't need them. But , If you are comfortable , you can add as many items as you can.

How to use survival fishing kit?

There are two ways to catch a fish using your kit. one way is to make a hand made fishing rod and other is to use your line and hook with bare hands. 
either way, you will first have to tie a good knot on your hook.
there are many ways to tie a knot on hook. here is one
an easy fishing line knot
Now , Your work is almost done . If you are not comfortable with using hand you can tie another end to a 2-3 ft. long wooden rod shaped branch. A bamboo rod will be ideal as it gives you the flexibility you need when fish is fighting your rod. now , tie a 1-2 inches long inflatable twig to your line about 2 ft. away from your hook. Your fishing rod is ready now. You can feed a worm as bait which you will find on river banks.

Now, In special cases, You may don't have a kit with you. because you don't know when emergency strikes back at you. So you must have a basic knowledge of catching a fishing without a Survival fishing kit.There are some ways and locales have been using it for centuries in their tribes and localities to catch fishes, snakes and crabs and feed themselves and their families. You can also have those skills and try your luck in the wilderness. It is always better to have few fishes than no fishes.

How to catch fishes with no rod and no net.

I hope You will now find it easy to use your survival fishing kit. If you like this post Please share it with your friends. All reviews and suggestions are welcome in comments. Feel free to follow the blog and check our other contents.

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