Afroz Shah - A Real Survival Man And Champion of The Earth

Afroz Shah, a young Indian lawyer from Mumbai, is synonymous with the world’s largest beach clean-up project.
Afroz Shah beach clean-up project

In October 2015, Shah and his neighbor Harbansh Mathur, an 84-year-old who has since passed away, were frustrated with the piles of decomposing waste that had washed up and completely overwhelmed the city’s Versova beach. Determined to do something about it, the pair started cleaning up the beach themselves, one piece of rubbish at a time. Every weekend since, Shah has inspired volunteers to join him – from slum-dwellers to Bollywood stars, from schoolchildren to politicians. They have been turning up at Versova for what Shah calls "a date with the ocean", but what in reality means laboring shin-deep in rotting garbage under the scorching Indian sun.

The largest beach clean-up in the world would be a reward in itself. But for spearheading it, Mumbai-based lawyer Afroz Shah has been named as one of  winners of the top environmental honor of the United Nations. Shah will be among those bestowed with the Champions of the Earth award for leading the clean-up of Mumbai's Versova Beach.
Afroz shah is leader of largest beach clean-up project in versova beach, mumbai

So far, the volunteers have collected over 7,000 tons of trash from the 2.5 kilometre beach.

Recently, Afroz Shah was featured in Television show kaun banega crorepati 's new initiative
" Nai chah Nai rah " with Actor and Model Shilpa Shetty Kundra where they played with Amitabh Bachchan for their beach cleanup project. He was also gifted a Escort Excavator and Tractor to cope up with his clean up project.
afroz shah won 25 lacs in kbac along with a tractor and excavator for his beach clean-up project.

We wish Afroz Shah and his team  all the best and pledge that we will never contribute in increasing pollution. we will try our best to decrease the waste around us to make this earth a better place to live.

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